Mentoring is an intentional, outcome-driven relationship designed to foster growth and development. By pairing undergraduates with graduates from similar disciplines, fields of study, and industries, Brothers can foster not only the career and scholastic development, but also personal growth around our common ideals of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality, and Excellence.


To foster meaningful relationships and encourage a sense of fulfillment in school, work, and life by supporting the development of a younger Brother.

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  • Access to a wealth of knowledge
  • Guidance to develop strengths and overcome weaknesses
  • Help better understand the professional world they are entering
  • Learn to take control of their academic, career, and life potential
  • Access to a voice outside their direct sphere of activity creating a safe space


  • Recognition as a subject matter expert and leader
  • Opportunity to reflect on their own goals and practices
  • Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas, and approaches
  • Opportunity to give back to Fiji Extension of their professional development
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About Mentoring


The Ontario Fiji Network (OFN) Mentorship Program is a voluntary commitment for both mentors and mentees. Upon joining the OFN Mentorship Program, mentors and mentees will complete a questionnaire concerning areas such as goals, field of study, experience, hobbies, and location. Once completed, each mentee will be paired with a suitable mentor with similar background and objectives based on their responses. Once the pairing is made, the mentor will reach out to the mentee to discuss when their initial mentoring discussion. Future mentoring discussions will be determined by consensus. 

The mentoring sessions should occur a minimum of once per month either in person or through a verbal communication medium (e.g. Skype, FaceTime, phone call, etc.). The recommended length of each session is one hour, but the quality of the session should be prioritized over the duration.

Casual communication initiated by the mentee throughout the duration of the mentorship project is encouraged (ex. Text, e-mail, or messaging). The mentors and mentees are advised to keep a record of notes for each session to monitor their relationship development, and next steps for future meetings.

Both the mentor and mentee have responsibilities to uphold throughout the program:


  • Model behaviour: Be themselves, but remember they are being watched and listened to
  • Positive outlook: Focus on the positive so the mentee can believe they can overcome challenges
  • Give support: Look for skills mentees need to work on and give constructive criticism the right way at the right time
  • Encourage: help mentees build self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Respect: all communications must be kept confidential


  • Take initiative: Must devote their time to the relationship by participating in ongoing interactions with the mentor
  • Take ownership: Identify the skills and competencies they wish to enhance and share with their mentor
  • Boundaries: mentors are there to support the mentee, but only as a guide
  • Respect: all communications must be kept confidential
About Mentoring

All mentors and mentees must sign and agreement form which will uphold them to commitments throughout the project. The OFN Mentorship Project will be evaluated through an anonymous online survey by both the mentors and mentees at the end of each cycle (one year period). This is to ensure both are getting the most out of the program, to receive feedback regarding the structure of the project, as well as to monitor the success of the project.

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